Social Media Management


pm_socialmediaNeed a social media marketing assistant?

We can create, post and maintain your social media for you to all of your social media channels with engaging posts scheduled for you each week at minimal cost. We can also help you do social media advertising across the different platforms.
We most commonly hear the following:

• I don’t have time for social media.
• I don’t have the money to pay an agency.
• I don’t know how to use social media effectively.
• I need new customers through the door.
• I need to train my employees to use social media effectively.

Social Media Management

Pilcher Creative Agency specializes in social media management. Social Media is imperative in todays business world. We can get you set up with business pages on the major social networks. From adding fans and likes to linking all of your social networks together for easy updating, we create and maintain your brand through social media.

Social Media Creation

We brand and link together each of your social media business pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest, plus any additional social media sites you require. This enables you to update only one social network and they all update together, making social media easier for you to handle.

Social Media Monthly

pm_content_webWe can also maintain and grow your brand by adding hundreds of fans to your social networks and finding new clients, while you sit back and watch the word spread about your business! In just one week you can reach hundreds to thousands of customers every day. It’s like having your own personal expert social marketing assistant! Get your customized social media package today.

Your social media pages will be maintained weekly with engaging content to increase your online visibility and grow your business by up to 20% or more!

We increase your SEO (online visibility) by keeping your social media pages up-to-date with relevant industry content to increase traffic to your website.

Typical advertising can cost you thousands of dollars a month! You will see incredible rates of return for much less.

Personalized Service

We are focused on providing you with personalized service to enhance your brand online though blogging and social media. We will get to know your business and post content proven to engage your audience, improve your customer service and grow your business.

We check-in with you every Monday morning to see if you have special events or news you need posted for the week. If you don’t have anything then we pull from your relevant industry news channels. We are your own personal social media marketing assistant!

How It Works

1. We will call or meet with you to gather information about your business and social media profiles.

2. Social Media Creation and/or Monthly Updates begin as we post engaging content relevant to your industry to increase your online visibility.

3. You’ll receive personal weekly check-ins from us to inquire about upcoming events or other important news about your business.

4. Sit back and watch us make social media and blogging grow your business!




(Available in monthly or annual plans)

Basic – $995 Monthly


  • 1 post per day
  • up to 4 social networks
  • Monthly analytic reports – upon request
  • Access to stock photos or custom photography
  • Custom designed and branded graphics
  • Facebook Ad Creation & Management – 1 ad a month (advertising cost is paid by you directly to Facebook- suggested $50 to $100 per month minimum)
  • 1 Video per month
  • Monthly Social Media Calendar
  • Reputation Management

Business (Recommended) – $1,595 Monthly


  • 2 posts per day
  • up to 5 social networks
  • Monthly analytic reports – upon request
  • Access to stock photos or custom photography
  • Custom designed and branded graphics
  • Facebook Ad Creation & Management – 2 ads a month (advertising cost is paid by you directly to Facebook – suggested $50 to $100 per month minimum for each ad)
  • 2 Videos per month
  • Monthly Social Media Calendar
  • Reputation Management


Other Services

Blogging – $150 weekly

Right now custom content creation is the most effective way to reach your audience online. This will be custom written content for up to 4 paragraphs of copywriting, which will increase your online presence.


  • 1 blog post per week
  • custom content
  • image selection
  • linked to social media
  • blog distribution

Social Media Creation – $250 setup for each page

Social Media Creation designs/sets up your social media business pages including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Foursquare, or any different social media sites you require.


  • designed pages
  • linked pages
  • linked blog
  • Initial fans

Social Media Training – $250 hourly

Receive one hour of social media training! Learn how to update your social media pages, create engaging content, and grow your fans!


  • Training on up to 5 networks 
  • 1 hour of training
  • Posting engaging content
  • Blog updates how-to
  • Adding fans

Our Clients

  • Educational Therapy Center
  • Flora Properties
  • TREKK Design Group
  • Pediatric & Laser Dentistry
  • Diamond Casino Products
  • Bulk It Foods
  • Donna Lynn Thomas Quilter
  • ACF Kansas City Chefs
  • ACF NCCA – Washington, DC Chefs
  • Doc Turmeric