Logo Design

pca_brandingPilcher Creative Agency offers one-of-a-kind logos to set your brand apart from the crowd. Discover your brand identity or update your current identity with a new logo that will make customers sit up and take notice of your business.


Through careful planning and conceptualization, your logo will be created to reflect your business ideals and the ideals of your customers, from analyzing the best psychology of colors to use to the style that will make your customers remember you.

Pricing starts at $150.

See below for logo design examples.

New Logo Design for Allaman Homes!

Pilcher Media has designed a new logo for Allaman Homes for Realtor Dennis Allaman, representing Kansas and Missouri. As he prides him self on "turning houses into homes", this logo was created to be "warm" and "inviting" using earth tones of blue and red, and a feel...

Logo for Ferrara Law Firm

Ferrara Law Firm came to Pilcher Media to have a first logo created to represent the professional, knowledgable environment in which they practice. Keeping with the dark green and neutral biege colors, a new logo was built focusing on modern, sleek, trust and...

New Logo Design for Salon 424 and Spa

Pilcher Media created a new logo design for Salon 424 and Spa to brand their  business and help set them apart from other salons in the area. With the request for the colors contrasting between black and hot pink, the logo was created with a gradient to bring in some...

Payne Electric Logo Design

Payne Electric needed a new logo to help them brand the business and create new marketing materials and a logo sign for their trucks. Pilcher Media created a logo that encompasses the reliability that Payne Electric stands for.

Organic Shea Butter Hut Logo Design

In March of 2012 Fragrance Shea Butter Hut came to Pilcher Media for a new logo to represent their changeover to "Organic" Shea Butter Hut. They needed a logo that would help them compete against other shea butter manufacturers and distributers. Pilcher Media created...